Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Registry Cleaners might get you in trouble

Be very careful if you want to use a registry cleaner if you have products like AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture or the like installed. These programs are quite sensitive to the problems that some registry cleaners create for them. It can lead to that some functions no longer works or even that you cannot start the application. Sometimes you can repair the installation and sometimes you even have to reinstall the application to get it working again.

Some examples of registry cleaners that have resulted in these problems are:

  • Abexo Free Registry Cleaner
  • Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
  • Norton SystemWorks
  • Registry Mechanic
  • Microsoft RegClean utility

Some Autodesk Knowledge Base document that deals with these problems:

Another mentioning is in this blogpost No Properties in your AutoCAD Properties Manager? Perhaps it was an Overzealous Registry Cleaner.

Some advices if you still want to use a registry cleaner.

  • If possible backup the registry so you can restore or undo the changes it if any problem shows.
  • To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you configure your registry cleaner so that it does not scan Active X Com Sections and Active X Com Sub Key Sections

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