Thursday, November 1, 2007

Online vectorization using VectorMagic - review

How many times have you got a logo, image or bitmap and need to have it in a vector format? Many times I guess. I've run into this so many times. Have you ended up tracing the image manually?

With this online flash solution (SaaS) you can convert a raster image to a vector image for free and the result is great. Input can be All major bitmap formats like BMP, JPG, PNG or teh like. Output is in either EPS or SVG format.

Take a look and give VectorMagic a try.

If you want to use it in AutoCAD you can use Gsview>Edit menu>Convert to vector format and convert the EPS file to dxf. Or you can use the freeware ABC Amber EPS Converter and convert the EPS to a WMF and then WMFIN in AutoCAD and you have a DWG.

Below I show how I started with a JPG file of the JTB World logo. The process was very easy to follow and I was ready within a minute. If the result is not good enough it's easy to try with other settings. Even photographs can be vectorized.

VectorMagic review

notice the great result on the right hand

showing the nodes of the vector result 

If you want to edit the vector file give Incscape a try. It's a free Vector Graphics Editor.

A comparison with Corel's and Adobe's solution is here and you will be amazed how much better VectorMagic is.

One feature I thing would be useful is to be able convert it to plain black and white. I was not able to do it in my tests with a satisfying result because of the bright yellow colors in the logo.


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