Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Future 3D CAD monitor

I have a contrast ratio of 2000:1 on my LG FLATRON monitor. The 27-inch OLED prototype monitor from Sony has 1000000:1 and . What is great with Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) monitors is that they can be much thinner (how about 3mm?) than today's flat screen monitors as well as consuming less power and with no need for backlight.

Monitors like this might be available in a few years to the mass. Perhaps next year according to Sony.

Probably in a more distant future you will have something like this on your desk when designing in 3D.

Wondering if Autodesk labs or other CAD vendors are working on software that will work with the 3D-ready, flat-panel HDTV from Samsung, the almost one year old 3D FLATRON M4200D from LG, the 3D LCD from Hitachi, the 3D 4YOU from Philips or other monitors that makes 3D real without special glasses.


What makes the 3D FLATRON M4200D special is that it uses a lenticular 3D filter that provides auto-stereoscopic images, which allows viewers to experience dynamic true 3D Display without wearing special glasses. The 3D monitors only require a three to seven metre viewing distance to achieve a 3D image with a perceived depth of over 50cm. It also displays more natural 3D display images since it uses 25 different perspective views to display the one image. The more perspective views used, the more true to life the images a 3D monitor can display.

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