Thursday, August 14, 2008

AutoCAD profile automation with AutoLISP

I got a question how to force load a profile in AutoCAD without having to do it manually.

‘Hi I was looking at your AutoLisp but I don’t think I saw anything like Loading an profile each time you open AutoCAD, let’s say I have a Profile call “General”
And I wanna open AutoCAD with that profile. I know there is a switch but once it loads it does not do it anymore . the reason  why I want to do is If I chance something in the profile and export it when a different user go into AutoCAD I want them to autoload most recent Profile rather then unupdated one.’

I added the function forceImport to profiles.lsp. acad.lsp was then used to have it run each time AutoCAD started.


  1. Thanks for the forceImport code. However when I test profiles.lsp by calling it from the command line via the LSP (L)oad command, I get the messaage "error: no function definition: FORCEIMPORT"

    This is in C3D 2010. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi,
    I cannot reproduce your issue so not sure what you do wrong. Try download directly this file and try again.



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