Friday, June 1, 2007

FLEXlm / FLEXnet debug log

The debug log file contains status and error messages useful for debugging the license
server system.

But if the debug log grows too large you might end up with not accessing the license server licenses.

The path to the debug log is usually set using lmtools.exe>Config Services>Path to the debug log file but if the vendor deamon is restarted the debug log will be overwritten. If you don't want that to happen you need to create the options file using a text editor like Notepad.exe. It should be named like the vendor deamon but with the opt file extension. For example Autodesk's vendor deamon is named adskflex.exe and the options file should be named adskflex.opt. Place the file in the same folder as the license file and you don't need to edit the license file to point out where the options file is located.

Add this row to make sure that the debug log is added to instead of overwritten. Notice the + before the path. Double quotes are needed if there are spaces in the path.

DEBUGLOG +"c:\program files\flexnet"

The syntax for NOLOG is as showed below. Notice that the options need to be on separate rows as in the example above.


NOLOG suppresses logging the selected type of event in the debug log file.

NOLOG can be useful to limiting the size of the debug log but you loose maybe valuable information so you can make a habit to backup the debug log once in a while instead.


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