Friday, June 1, 2007

NavisWorks - Autodesk and a lot of questions

These questions and many other will sooner or later be answered but here are some of mine.

  • Will the real-time navigation technology that makes it possible to work in very large models be included in products like AutoCAD, Revit, Design Review etc? I hope so. Try one of the models in Freedom and notice the great performance.
  • Take a look at the marketing partners NavisWorks has today. Notice that "NavisWorks is a member of the Bentley Developer Network and actively works to support the latest versions of Bentley MicroStation." I wonder if the support for non Autodesk file formats can continue to be as good.
  • NavisWorks used to release updates quite often. I hope they continue with that.
  • Will Freedom be included somehow into Design Review? Design Review cannot handle as large 3D models as Freedom.
  • Will NavisWorks be licensed using FLEXnet like many of the other Autodesk's products? Or is it time for Autodesk to look at a cheaper and maybe better system like the one from Reprise Software or maybe Microsoft's newly acquired SecureLM?
  • Will NavisWorks be available for ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) members? There is a great API in NavisWorks that I hope to be able to work with more.
  • Will NavisWorks be used as brand just like Revit or will it be something like Autodesk JetStream?

Hopefully this acquiry will prove to be a bright future for both existing NavisWork customers as well as all new ones that I'm sure will come.

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1 comment:

  1. Restored comment
    JE said...

    ha...and how come NavisWorks flies through a Revit model faster than Revit can?
    June 01, 2007
    Scott said...

    because NavisWorks JetStream is looking only at the 3D model, while Revit is looking at the model and all of the data and intelligence. JetStream is simply a viewer...
    June 02, 2007
    JeffH said...

    Not true - JetStream reads properties where it can; whether this applies to Revit specifically I don't know, but open an Autodesk MEP DWG or an IFC or a DGN and you get loads of model data and intelligence.

    Also the model's data has no impact on render speed, data is stored in memory not drawn. JetStream is far from just being a viewer. Freedom, the free component of JetStream is just a viewer.
    June 07, 2007


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