Friday, June 1, 2007

NavisWorks - Autodesk and a lot of questions

These questions and many other will sooner or later be answered but here are some of mine.

  • Will the real-time navigation technology that makes it possible to work in very large models be included in products like AutoCAD, Revit, Design Review etc? I hope so. Try one of the models in Freedom and notice the great performance.
  • Take a look at the marketing partners NavisWorks has today. Notice that "NavisWorks is a member of the Bentley Developer Network and actively works to support the latest versions of Bentley MicroStation." I wonder if the support for non Autodesk file formats can continue to be as good.
  • NavisWorks used to release updates quite often. I hope they continue with that.
  • Will Freedom be included somehow into Design Review? Design Review cannot handle as large 3D models as Freedom.
  • Will NavisWorks be licensed using FLEXnet like many of the other Autodesk's products? Or is it time for Autodesk to look at a cheaper and maybe better system like the one from Reprise Software or maybe Microsoft's newly acquired SecureLM?
  • Will NavisWorks be available for ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) members? There is a great API in NavisWorks that I hope to be able to work with more.
  • Will NavisWorks be used as brand just like Revit or will it be something like Autodesk JetStream?

Hopefully this acquiry will prove to be a bright future for both existing NavisWork customers as well as all new ones that I'm sure will come.

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