Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Google Reader's keyboard shortcuts doesn't work

Annoying bug in Google Reader. I cannot use the keyboard shortcuts like j and k. At least I'm not alone. It works for a while but then it stops and I have to restart Google Reader to get it working for a short while again.

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    Jason said...

    You are definately not alone. This problem seems to have started on May 31, 2007 with the launch of Google Gears offline feed reading tool. I am quite surprised that it is taking Google so long to fix what would seem to be a simple problem.

    For those of us who use the shortcut keys, we know how much we depend on them. I use the 'u' shortcut constantly, and there is no onscreen button/link to click to replace this function when the keyboard shortcuts cut out!
    June 05, 2007
    JTB World said...

    Since June 19th, it's working properly.
    June 20, 2007
    Anonymous said...

    And now it doesn't work on Safari 3.0 Beta... I'm on the Mac. WTH is Google doing over there!!?? I'm going to have to quit using Reader, without keyboard shortcuts it's terrible.
    June 23, 2007


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