Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Microsoft Tagspace

I have tried Tagspace before but never ended up using it. Let's see if I might start using it now. I'm still not convinced though. Here is the RSS feed for the AutoCAD tag.


Tagspace Overview

With today's release, you can now use Tagspace to:

  • Tag Practically Anthing on the Web--Apply tags to practically any site on the World Wide Web, excepting those that are known to contain offensive, malicious, and otherwise inappropriate content.
  • Browse Member Tags--See what other users have tagged and view their personal tag clouds, by clicking on their display names.
  • "Tag Drafting"--Subscribe to the RSS feed for a tag (like tagspace).
  • "Member Drafting"--Subscribe to the RSS feed for other members' public tagged items (my Tagspace RSS feed here;-), by clicking on their names and subscribing to the RSS feeds associated with their tagged items lists. 

Via Korby Parnell's blogpost

What bookmarking or tagging system do you use and why is it useful?

1 comment:

  1. Restored comment
    Exold said...

    I use, mostly - I think - because it was the first one I tried out that was even close to usable. Now, it does what I need, I have a couple nice Opera buttons for it, and without a good reason to move, I'll stick with it. I like the features they've added since I began with it -- the "network" features, the ability to post links to your blog, etc. I also like that the "UI" is simple, and fairly fast to load.

    I did take a look at Tagspace, and had a few thoughts about it: .
    June 07, 2007

    JTB World said...

    According to comment by TSHAK at Microsoft on exold's blog.

    "We’re working hard to improve the site and aim to have updates every 5 to 6 weeks."
    June 08, 2007


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