Friday, August 17, 2007

Hide objects when dragging xclipped object in AutoCAD

Here is a trick that can be useful if you have large xrefs or blocks that are xclipped (xlip command)

Unfortunately there is a bug (Still there in AutoCAD 2008) that makes everything outside the boundary to show as can be seen below.

.xlipped xref xlipped xref while dragging

So if you want to move, copy or do something with these objects without having this problem the workaround is to use the system variable DRAGMODE and set the value to 0 or Off to suppress dragging.

I suggest you make a button that toggles the DRAGMODE value between 0 and 2.

A macro like this can be used:

Here is how CUI can be used for this.


Related post: Use INDEXCTL and speed up your AutoCAD this is also useful for clipped xrefs.

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