Friday, August 3, 2007

Project Freewheel 3D/2D ShareNow Utility

imageWhen I first tried to install ShareNow it crashed during the install but after contacting the 'Lab' I quickly got a new installer and this time it worked just fine. Using ShareNow I can share the current drawing. Using ShareDSD I can share a whole set of drawings. DSD means Drawing Set Description. A file format for saving a description of a drawing set that has been assembled using the Publish dialog box.

This is something that your team can get use of directly. Try it.

Here is a DWF that I created using the ShareDSD command in AutoCAD 2008 that is available after installing Project Freewheel 3D/2D ShareNow Utility.

imageThese utilities publish a design from AutoCAD, Inventor, or Revit to the Project Freewheel server. With one click of the ShareNow icon, your design application will publish a DWF file of your current design, upload it to Project Freewheel, and invoke the browser with a view of your design. You can then leverage all of the benefits that Project Freewheel has to offer - without installing additional software. Collaborate with your team members on Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OSX, or Linux. They can use Internet Explorer or Firefox. They can use a PC, Mac, PDS, Cell phone -- whatever has a compatible browser with an internet connection.

Via Project Freewheel ShareNow Utility Now Available

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