Tuesday, August 22, 2006

FileDependancy object in AutoCAD

I will give Steve Dunn's free Code Formatter Plugin for Windows Live Writer a try here. This is really a great plugin. One problem I run into is that I'm not able to use the word wrapping. It looked OK in the Normal Layout but in the Web Layout it was not nice. The width was just a hand full characters and could not be resized. Another thing is if editing the code use CTRL+Enter to add a row since Enter will trigger the OK button.

Below is a modified VBA subroutine from AutoCAD developer documentation on the FileDependency object that can be used to see information about file references in a drawing. For example FullFileName will give the absolute path of a relative xref and IsModified will show if the file has been modified.

Sub Example_AcadFileDependencies() ' Note! ' The drawing has to be saved first to reflect ' recent changes to the file dependencies ' If you attach an xref and then run this code ' without saving the added xref will not show up ' If a modified xref has been reloaded and you ' run this code without saving it will show as modified ' Another way is to use UpdateEntry before as showed Dim objFDLCol As AutoCAD.AcadFileDependencies Dim objFDL As AutoCAD.AcadFileDependency Set objFDLCol = ThisDrawing.FileDependencies Dim strTemp As String For Each objFDL In objFDLCol If objFDL.Feature = "Acad:XRef" Then objFDLCol.UpdateEntry objFDL.Index strTemp = "FileName: " & vbTab & objFDL.FileName strTemp = strTemp & vbCrLf & "FileSize: " & vbTab & _ vbTab & objFDL.FileSize strTemp = strTemp & vbCrLf & "FullFileName: " & _ vbTab & objFDL.FullFileName strTemp = strTemp & vbCrLf & "Modified?: " & _ vbTab & objFDL.IsModified MsgBox strTemp End If Next End Sub

Update for Steve. Here is an image showing the problem in the Web Layout. The problem also showed up when published. In the normal view it's possible to adjust the width but it's a narrow column when published as well as in the web preview.

2006-08-26 Update again. I found out that "pre" had a fixed width in the blog template that gave this problem. pre{color:maroon;background:#e4e4e4; padding:5px; width:100px; font-size:85%;} When I removed the fixed width the problem disappeared.

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  1. Restored comments
    Steve Dunn said...

    Hi there, thanks for using my plugin and I'm glad you like it. Could you provide more information on the problems you were seeing in Web Layout (or was it Web Preview)? Could you also tell me what style you're using? By the way, I've fixed the enter key problem when editing the code. Thanks for spotting that.
    August 22, 2006
    Steve Dunn said...

    More info here: http://stevedunns.blogspot.com/2006/08/new-version-of-code-formatter-plugin.html
    August 22, 2006


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