Saturday, August 12, 2006

Persist this post

For those of you new to databases. Here is a word definition that is useful to know about. Database persistence is one of these words many working with databases seem to use but for someone not knowing what it means it can be hard to understand. It's pretty easy actually. If you persist something you save it permanently (to a file or a database) so it's still there if your restart the computer. Persistence is about saving and also retrieving data.

The words persist and persistence are used in different contexts like talking about a persistence layer, persist the recordset, making persistence operations, manipulating persistent models, persistent references, persistence strategy, persist the business objects or persistence object. Would memorizing this post be considered having it persisted?

Speaking about database terminology. SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition is a soon to be released for free by Microsoft and useful if you want to persist to a relational database that has a compact footprint and is embedable in applications. The CTP is so stable that it can be used for production.

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