Thursday, April 10, 2008

AutoCAD 2009 on Citrix? Citrix & Autodesk alliance

Do you want to run AutoCAD 2009 on Citrix? AutoCAD 2009 itself is not possible but AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 is Citrix Ready and is of course based on AutoCAD 2009.

Citrix XenApp (new name for Presentation Server) is used for server virtualization that makes this possible.

Citrix & Autodesk website

-Are other AutoCAD 2009 platform–based applications available that are Citrix Ready?
No. AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 is the only AutoCAD 2009–based application that has been designated Citrix Ready.

-Why is AutoCAD Map 3D the only AutoCAD 2009 platform–based application that is Citrix Ready?
In response to requests from customers, AutoCAD Map 3D was selected for the Citrix Ready certification program in 2008. Other Autodesk products may be added to the program at a later date as we evaluate customer satisfaction with AutoCAD Map 3D.

-How does AutoCAD Map 3D performance in a Citrix environment compare to AutoCAD Map 3D installed in a stand-alone environment?
Graphics performance may be affected because most servers are not configured with high-end graphics systems.

-Does JTB FlexReport work with the Citrix Ready AutoCAD Map 3D licensing?
Yes you are able to monitor your license usage with JTB FlexReport.

I really hope other products will be Citrix Ready soon as well. I have long time seen a valid need for that. At an EPC company where I worked before we used Citrix extensively and often had engineers on site or traveling and many times I found that it had been really useful for them if we had been able to install AutoCAD and other verticals including our customizations and other 3:rd party applications on the Citrix server.

Visit for details.

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