Friday, September 12, 2008

Google Chrome comments

Chrome is the new browser from Google you probably have heard about by now.

In general it works pretty good and I think the speed is quite good to render the web pages. The Task Manager is a cool geeky thing. I like the clean interface and the address field search functionality but be cautious because of some security vulnerability it has. See also this post.

One thing that bug me is that I cannot use the wheel to scroll with by holding the wheel down and drag up and down as I often do.

Google Chrome uses WebKit for rendering, which is the same rendering engine as Apple’s Safari browser so most web sites show up as expected.

Google Chrome is a per-user application. It installs in the per-user Local AppData folder.
This makes it easier to install if you don’t have administrator privileges.

Google Chrome doesn’t so far support browser extensions but it does support plug-ins, such as Flash.

The Chrome comics describing how it works.

Matt Cutts with common objections on Chrome

Chrome forum

Autodesk’s tests of Chrome

Make a visit to pages like these: "about:network", "about:stats", "about:dns" and "about:memory"

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