Friday, September 19, 2008

Restore missing Bound Spaces Property for Boundary Objects

This previous post describes the tip to make boundaries valid for SpaceUpdateSelectedSpaces command but some found that there was no way to do it, the Bound Spaces property was missing from the Properties Palette.

Thanks to Dean Tidwell, J. M. Waller Associates, Inc. for finding how to add the missing Bound Spaces option on the Properties palette that might not show up for you in AutoCAD Architecture 2009 if you migrated the settings from an earlier ACA version.

The command is AecSpaceDisplayBoundSpacesProperty and let you turn it on or off.

Command: AecSpaceDisplayBoundSpacesProperty
Display bound spaces property on Properties palette for AutoCAD entities [Yes/No]

Here are a bit more from the help file:

Setting the Bound Spaces Property for Boundary Objects

The objects designed to form the boundary of an associative space must have their Bound Spaces property set to Yes before generating the space. You can set the Bound Spaces property on the object, or, for objects that use styles, you can set it in the object style.

Tip! Before setting the Bound Spaces property of a boundary object to Yes, verify that this type of object is a valid boundary object for the space you want to generate. For example, a roof or roof slab is a valid boundary object only for 3D freeform spaces; you cannot use it to generate an extruded 3D space or a 2D space, even if the slab’s Bound Spaces property is set to Yes.

The following overview graphic shows how the setting of the Bound Spaces property on the boundary object affects the generation of associative spaces. For detailed information on how to set the Bound Spaces property for a boundary object, consult the sections following below.

Note that the term “AutoCAD object” in the graphic below refers to AutoCAD linework (lines, arcs, circles, and polylines etc.)

Migrating Profiles from Previous Versions of the Software

Beginning with AutoCAD Architecture 2009, the mechanism by which objects are defined as boundary objects for spaces has changed. In previous versions, objects were selected by applying an object filter during the space generation. In AutoCAD Architecture 2009, each object has its own Bound Spaces property on the Properties palette or in the object style and is there defined as a boundary object.

When you import a profile (ARG file) from a previous release, the Bound spaces property in the Properties palette is not displayed for AutoCAD linework (lines, arcs, circles, polylines) in the imported profile. In order to display that property for AutoCAD linework, run the AecSpaceDisplayBoundSpacesProperty command on the command line. This will enable the display of the Bound Spaces property for AutoCAD linework in the Properties palette.

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