Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sheet Set Manager tutorial, tips and tricks

The SHEETS HAPPEN! document by Heidi Hewett is an Introduction to the drawing organization tool Sheet Set Manager (aka SSM) that is really useful if you are about to start using SSM or use it more to its full.
Learn the steps how to create a new sheet set, assign sheet set properties and create fields.
Covered subjects are:
Create new sheet set: Organize sheets, Access sheets, Import existing layouts, Plot using default page setups, Publish to DWG, Create archive/transmittal sets, Using named sheet selections.
Assign sheet set properties: Plot using any page setup, Create new sheets, Create sheet views, Add view labels.
Create fields: Automate view label data, Automate callout data, Create custom properties, Automate titleblock data.
One thing that can take a lot of time is when you edit sheet properties and you want to do the same edit on more than one sheet. SSMPropEditor is the solution for this as you can select multiple sheets and then edit the sheet properties on all at once.
See my page on Sheet Set Manager for more info

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  1. Excellent.I got details what I want to know. Thanks.Quite useful tips and tricks.


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